Once Upon a New Year's Trip

We celebrated New Year's in New York, where it was very cold and we experienced a snow storm during our few days there. We went to Atlanta to visit some of my favorite people, mostly Morgan. We went on a road trip to Charleston and Savannah, of which the first was my favorite. We ate well, VERY well, laughed and enjoyed the sunshine. We spent some time on beaches in the quite chilly weather but I was happy. We went back to Atlanta for some more quality time with the favorites. We walked in the woods, and it all ended with a beautiful sunrise on our drive to the airport.

It was good.


Life after 30

celebration of 30 in Copenhagen with the best

breakfast by the ocean


sweet mornings



my new home island

celebration of 30 in Paris


Kom Ihåg

Varje människa är ett mirakel.


Lazy Hazy Days

I've had an entire weekend off, which is an all too rare occurrence in my humble opinion. All the more reason to enjoy them to the max.

On Friday I napped, which is one of my favorite pastimes, and then Lotta came over for a quick dinner, followed by a long late night walk around an almost stormy Fölisön, Saturday was spent mostly working out, and I finally found my deeply rooted motivation love and excitement for doing so again, and today Siiri and I biked to my mom's pretty much as soon as we woke up. There we had brunch with my mom and Lotta, went to the beach to hang with my aunt and my cousins, we went swimming in the icy cold water, laughed and ate ice cream, and then went back to my mom's for a light summer dinner.

I cannot say this enough, but i LOVEloveLOVE the Finnish summer.

Siiri picked me up from work on Friday

I had a moment to reminisce when I stumbled upon a lovely letter given to me a bit over a year ago from a beautiful friend

Siiri woke up from a nap

we hung out at the beach



Lately I've been pretty good (or at least better than before) at at least coming closer to achieving some of the tiny goals I set for myself. Starting with the half marathon. As I mentioned earlier, I ride my awesome 90's bike to work nowadays, and my goal is to make it to or from work in 45 minutes or less before the winter gets here. Another goal I've set for myself is to meditate, daily.

it's so close I can taste it.

today I meditated for 20 minutes



New absolute favorite hobby!

Luckily both Miku and Martta also seemed to be equally infatuated with the sport. New fun things to do! Also absolute best way to start your day.


Gift Goodies

A while ago my dear mother and sister spent quite a lot of time in the land of hope and glory, which I naturally envied them for, especially as I was supposed to join them on this little trip of theirs. But no, I was at work, doing the darned American Airlines course. No one was happy. Until they got back home and unloaded presents for me! 

I got summeronmyfeetvans

and quite possibly one of the most awesome and epic sweatshirts ever made
I also got a bag of Reese's mini peanut butter cups (long gone) and a mini bag of peanut butter m&m's (long LONG gone) and a super cool apron from Anthropologie. I was, and still am, one happy camper.



I love summer. In Finland.

Miku and me wore sandals and had red bubbly in the park and went to wegotbeef

I walked home from the bar at 5 am

Siiri enjoyed the sunshine

Captain Siiri looking out to sea

I went swimming with Ida and Siiri

Siiri got excited to hear the news about Miku coming to hang out

This is what my work days look like now. Times two.

The. Best. Shoes. Ever.
(which I now use to ride my bike to work in. built in ac!)